Today’s cybercriminals increasingly target small and midsized companies
Could your business survive an online attack?

EFTGuard is an innovative subscription service created to help franchises fight cybercrime on three fronts. A single defense strategy is simply not enough.
1. Top Anti-Malware Technology
It is very easy these days to pick up a virus without knowing it, long before or after you visit an online bank account. Modern malware makers are creative, and thorough. EFTGuard strikes back against this threat. Subscribers get access to protective technology - both desktop-based and browser- based - to alert users of vulnerabilities and to block attacks. These tools can stand alone or work with security systems you already have in place.
2. Education Of Employees
One of the best safeguards against cybercrime is a savvy workforce. EFTGuard’s experts will teach your staff how fraudsters operate, so that they can avoid risky activities and spot signs of trouble.
3. Up To $100,000 in Loss Reimbursement
With EFTGuard, you can know you are taking the best possible precautions against cybertheft. But if disaster somehow strikes, you can also know you are covered. Subscribers who use the security tools that EFTGuard provides are eligible for up to $100,000 in reimbursement for losses if fraudsters take over protected accounts.

Peace of mind at an affordable price, hassle-free
Online enrollment takes less than 15 minutes.

Learn more at http://www.royalgroupservices.com/nadspeftguard/

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