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Data Breach Program For Small to Medium Medical Practices
Making Your Medical Practice Healthier

Today’s medical practices are at significant risk of financial loss resulting from a breach of patient information. At the same time that hackers and thieves are targeting patients’ personal information (social security numbers, Visa and MasterCard numbers, addresses, phone numbers, and drivers’ license numbers), they’re also accessing patients’ confidential medical data. What’s more, data breach isn’t limited to outside hackers: many times even trusted employees purposely or inadvertently allow patient data to be breached.

This is why RGS has crafted a unique program that addresses the risks associated with data breaches of medical practices. This program effectively transfers a significant portion of this risk for a minimal cost and protects medical practices in two ways. First, the program protects medical practices from the substantial civil fines and penalties mandated by HIPAA as it relates to the protection of private patient information. Second, the program protects medical practices from the significant expenses and fines levied by the Visa/MasterCard servicing bank due to a data breach resulting in compromised payment card information.

FREE Information Security Needs Assessments
Many medical institutions struggle with assessing their current situation as it pertains to HIPAA regulations. HIPAA Safeguard has developed a FREE Online Security Needs Assessment to assist in evaluating your specific situation. Protecting your company’s information effectively requires that you understand your strengths and needs as they relate to the risks you face. Our assessment will help you understand your specific areas of weaknesses and we will make specific recommendations based on the assessment results.

Program Highlights

For HIPAA violations resulting from a data breach
Costs related to (1) mandatory forensic investigation, (2) notification to victims, (3) credit monitoring, (4) identity restoration, and (5) fines and penalties as a result of a civil violation insurable by law and imposed by a government agency.
HIPAA data breach includes:  
Theft of electronic patient files
Physical theft of patient files
Procedural mistake with patient information
Employee theft of patient files or related information

For Visa/MasterCard violations resulting from a data breach
Costs related to (1) mandatory forensic investigation, (2) assessments (such as card replacement costs), and (3) fines and penalties imposed by Visa/MasterCard.
Visa/MasterCard data breach includes:
Theft of electronic cardholder information
Physical theft of cardholder information
Employee theft of cardholder information

Total protection of $100,000 per medical practice
$25,000 for notification costs, credit monitoring, and identity restoration included in total protection
$5,000 out-of-pocket expense

For further information, contact HIPAASafeguard at (800) 657-5643 or www.hipaasafeguard.com

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